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Welcome to Coin Tissue USASimpleInnovativeClean Magical Coin Tissue !!!
Magic Coin Tissue is a compressed dried form that looks similar to coin, but when water is applied it turns into full size wet tissue that is 100% healthy and natural. Because it’s 100% healthy and natural, Magic Coin Tissue is being used by restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other public service businesses.

Strong advantages of this item are as follows:

    • Compressed cleaning tissue.
    • Simply, apply water and have a quality tissue.
    • It’s made of 100% natural pulp.
    • Environmentally friendly: Naturally decomposes itself.
    • It’s safe for all skin types.
    • Easy to carry anywhere because of its compact size.
    • Innovative technology with global patent.
Detailed Product Description :
A full-size tissue hydraulically compress to a shape of coin. Made with 100% Rayon, it is softer, durable and degradable. As it is in dried form, there is no possibilities to contain any germs and bacteria.100% healthy. When water is poured to it, it grows to its full size. It can be used as hot towel or cold wet tissue.
* Places where health and hygiene are important(Restaurant, Hotel, Daycare Center, Schools, Travelling, Fishing, Climbing, Camping, Sports, especially for ladies & babies, soldiers, Various shops, Beauty Salon, Nail Salon,Conference rooms........)
* For the babies with weak immune systems.
* For ladies with sensitive skin, as toiletries
* When you are traveling. (Traveling abroad, Mountain climbing, Fishing, Golf)
* Use as a sales promotion tool.
* Due to its germ-free and portable characteristics, Magic Coin Tissue can be used for as an alternative for using bidet at public places.
* Adopting New Technology with Global Patent.

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